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6 Things We Know About the New Kia Stinger

With the highly anticipated Kia Stinger is set to debut at the Toronto Auto this year, there isn’t too much about the car that has been released yet. Here is what we know so far.

The former head of BMW’s M division assisted in the Stinger’s engineering.

BMW M’s former VP of engineering has had a big say in the process, and he has been pushing Kia to ensure that the car is exciting to drive and that dealers and fans are ecstatic to see and purchase them.

“We used the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe as the reference,” Beirmann said. “I need a baseline benchmark for performance, and the dynamics of the BMW is where I wanted to start.”

Kia Stinger

The longer wheelbase Swayed a lot of Kia’s decisions in making with the car.

“Its 114-inch wheelbase (114.4 to be precise) is longer than anything else in the markets that it’s up against. The A4, the A5, even the GS 350, so the benefit there was, you get a lot bigger backseat,” said Hedrick. “The tradeoff is, you can’t twist, turn, and move like a 3 Series, or the ATS. And that was a deliberate tradeoff. I think for us, it was important, really, to be true to what the concept of the vehicle was. It’s not to be a 3 Series, it’s to be a GT.”

With its 114.4-inch wheelbase, the Stinger features a longer wheelbase than many of its competitors, a trait that lends itself to better high-speed stability and road-trip worthiness. “However, you have to balance that straight-line stability with agility,” Beirmann said.

Kia Stinger

The design was inspired by GTs from the 1970s

The design of the car was inspired by the classic grand tourers that would spend days traveling continents in cars meant for driving, said Design Chief Peter Schreyer.

“The original grand tourers from the ’70s were the ones people would drive from Paris to central France,” Schreyer said. “They’re meant to be fast, but not super aggressive. You’re meant to arrive in style.”

Kia Stinger

Being over weight was a huge concern

A car with a great deal of power, state of the art technology, and full to the brim with luxury bits, keeping the weight down was a challenge. Weight distribution was a key focus, as was the powertrain placement. “We were trying to get as much as possible, the center of gravity down low, and in the middle of the car so we get close to 50/50. So that drove decisions, for instance, they did a lot of work making sure the engine is as low as possible and towards the middle of the car as possible,” said Hedrick.

“As a four-cylinder, it’s 1,640 kg,” said Beirmann said. That’s 3,615 lbs, which is on par with the rest of the sport sedan class. “The six-cylinder, all-wheel drive model tops out at 1,800 kg (3,968 lb).”

Kia Stinger

Build in Korea, designed in Germany

Schreyer and Beirmann have a great amount experience working with many of the famous names in Germany, and so naturally they used their experience and wisdom when it came to the Stinger. The Kia Frankfurt design studio was in charge of the Stinger, where Beirmann put the sedan through over 10,000 km of rigorous testing on the unforgiving Nurburgring circuit to make sure its performance was up to European standards.

Despite all the work done in Europe, the car is still going to be built in Korea in the same plant as the luxurious K900 sedan.

Kia Stinger

Brembo brakes at all four corners on both the base car and the Stinger GT

Both versions of the Stinger get legendary Brembo brakes all round as well as Michelin tires. “There’s only two other names except ours on the car, hence, on the tires and the brakes, so we wanted to make sure that we had top tier stuff,” said Hedrick.

With the light dusting of information we have about the Kia Stinger, we can hardly wait to get our hands on one.

Source: Autoguide and Automobile Mag.

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest news about the Kia Stinger.

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